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March started with a battle; the big battle on everyone’s lips…. Yes the North vs South Jungle Body Battle. Over 30 instructors and our participants came together and battled it out* for 90 minutes of KONGA®, TYGA®, VYPA® chaos. It was INSANE. Mel, from the South, and I can’t thank you enough for coming along with your best Jungle Body moves and supporting us. I had proper big goose bumps just watching you all. We came, we smiled, we twerked and we sweated the night away. In fact I can’t wait to do it all again with you so watch out …PART 2 coming very soon.

As you’re reading this I’ll be nearing the end of a 4 week challenge.. I decided to start with the delicious and nutritious juices from @inner_ego . I’ll let you know how I get on in the next blog but in the mean time for more information on how to join in with the next challenge just drop me a message..

We’ve had a pretty cool start to Autumn with those balmy 40c days of summer fast becoming a memory. But, don’t let your awesome summer body become a memory too. As the seasons change and the mornings become colder it can be tough to stay motivated to get to a Jungle Body class. But here are 5 absolutely solid reasons to keep getting to your Group Fitness classes no matter how many fleeces you have to wear to get there.

1. You’ll be less grumpy. Guaranteed! A Jungle Body class boosts your mood for several reasons from the amazing banging tunes to connecting with others. With less hours of daylight in Autumn and Winter we certainly need that boost.

2. You’ll be less likely to reach for a Chunky Kit Kat when it comes to that 3 o clock temptation. Various studies prove that regular exercising gives you greater levels of self- control. Pass the celery stick please!

3. Shaking that booty sharpens up your ideas. Seriously! Get ready for some science! Physical activity alters your brain structure largely as a result of the increased blood flow. The part of the brain responsible for learning and memory is called the hippocampus. The increased blood flow causes the hippocampus to grow which boosts your memory. So just think of Jungle Body as your antidote to Mummy brain!

4 You’ll live longer! Honest. Study after study proves that exercising slows cognitive decline. In fact one European study shows that that dancing is actually restorative for aging brains.

5 You’ll be fooled into being motivated without even realising it. How cheeky! I just have to give you the North V South battle as an example of how we all spurred one another on. Seeing others keep up with the Jungle Body routines makes you want to work harder. It’s so contagious. Group Fitness is a magic potion of motivation.

If those 5 reasons aren’t enough to keep you coming to class regularly then this will be; never ever in the history of exercise classes have you ever heard someone say “I wish I hadn’t gone to that class” or “I wish I hadn’t exercised.”

That’s because after class we feel incredible, pumped, buzzing and ready to take on the world!

You see? There’s no reason to miss your regular group fitness session because it’s got to cold to venture out.

See you in class.

With Jungle Body Love

Sarah, Kendall & Dani


*as for who won the Battle of North V South … well of course I think the North just edged it

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